The 12 Best Places to Find Minecraft Videos for Kids

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As many parents know, kids who love Minecraft also love Minecraft videos on YouTube. It can be confusing at first—why watch other people play video games? But YouTube videos have become a huge part of what makes Minecraft so fun.


Parents are understandably wary of YouTube—there are lots of inappropriate content and swearing in videos and comments. Some popular Minecraft video makers make a point to be kid-friendly; they don’t swear, and they have a sense of humor that kids love. Here are some of the best places to find Minecraft videos for kids, as recommended by parents.


Paul Soares Jr.

Arguably the most popular family-friendly YouTuber, Paul Soares Jr. is a dad who posts all kinds of Minecraft videos. If you’re just starting out, his Survive and Thrive series is a great way to learn the basics.




Stampylonghead is an English guy named Joseph Garrett. He’s become one of the most popular Minecraft gamers and video-makers, and one of the top YouTube channels in the world. His goofy persona is perfect for kids—his audience is mostly 6-14 year olds.




Etho is another one of the most frequently recommended channels by parents. The videos are entertaining and instructional, and he’s very careful not to include foul language. He has a popular Minecraft survival single-player series titled “Etho Plays Minecraft,” and he creates very complex Redstone contraptions.




VintageBeef is a Canadian guy who started with a popular Let’s Play series. Here’s a series called Steve Vs. Steve: A Minecraft rivalry:




A hugely popular YouTuber with over 2 billion views, CaptainSparklez creates parody music videos, Let’s Plays, and lots more.

Here’s an interesting video where CaptainSparklez tests out a cell tower in Minecraft that receives video calls from the real world:




SethBling, popular with kids on YouTube and Twitch, is an expert on Redstone. He creates all kinds of cool contraptions — here’s Seth frying an egg in Minecraft:




A channel that promises to be “100% kid-friendly,” LittleLizardGaming is a great option for younger kids. Start with a series called Minecraft School, with how-to videos on making mods and other things in Minecraft.




iBallisticSquid is an English fellow named David Spencer who makes Minecraft videos and tutorials. He’s goofy and kids love him, and since he’s friends with Stampy, they often appear in videos together.




Thinknoodles has lots of videos with different video games. His Minecraft videos include Story Mode, survival series, mod role-plays, and more, often featuring a couple of Minions and his golden retriever, Kopi.




Popular MMOs is an American YouTuber who makes videos with his wife, Jen. He does lots of videos with Mods, including Let’s Plays, battles, and more. Here he walks us through a Tornados Mod:




AmyLee33 is another friend of Stampy and part of Disney’s Maker Studios. She’s known for being kind, funny, and a good role model for kids. Here’s Amy exploring the Simpson’s Springfield in Minecraft:



The Bajan Canadian

Bajan Canadian is a guy named Mitch who makes Minecraft mini-games, challenges, animated music videos, and more. He’s popular for his parkour and Hunger Games-style mini-games:




Kurtjmac is known for his extremely long video series “Far Lands or Bust,” where his mission is to walk to the edge of the world in Minecraft. He makes it very entertaining, especially for older kids, and raises money for charity along the way.



Have a favorite Minecraft YouTuber? Share in the comments below!


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Discussion 8 Comments

  • Samantha Fischer (with Jacob and Jordan Fischer) says:

    Dan TDM is great! He is goofy and quite funny! He watches his language and he has lots of adventures with his villager mad scientist friend, Trayaurus, and his skeleton dog, Grim. He also does videos on Roblox, Happy Wheels, (g-rated) Grand Theft Auto, about his pug, and more.

  • James says:

    Thanks Samantha (and Jacob and Jordan)! We’ll add it to the list.

  • Skyelre says:

    My channel is also family friendly too, if anyone wants to check it out.
    Thanks =D

  • Kai Kay says:

    Hello!! I am a family friendly gamer and have Minecraft videos. I sometimes play games with my Mom and neither of us curse. We will be focusing even more on Minecraft coming up, as I am revamping my channel. Some games I play are shooter games, but, I use mods to help censor blood and try to keep even those games as clean as possible, but, Minecraft is good for any age, as some of my other gaming videos would be better for teens because of the shooting. However, despite the game, I always keep it light hearted and comedic. Check out my channel if you get a chance!! Thanks, and have a great day!!

  • IslandChap says:

    DanTDM is awesome. He doesn’t swear and is quite funny. Also, he is very popular with 11 000 000 subscribers

  • Chris Craig says:

    Do you have a favorite video from him? Thanks for the comment!

  • Pinkisgreat says:

    Jen (Pat’s wife) also has a youtube channel that is also kid friendly. Her youtube is gamingwithjen. And also, I dont think that captainsparklez is really kid-friendly. In his titles he puts bad words. Have a nice day!

  • Chris Craig says:

    Thanks for the feedback Pinkisgreat!

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